Race Schedule

running for life

2015 Race Season:

March 14th- Leprechaun Run 5 Miler (45:37)

April 19th- Run for Clean Air 10k

April 25th- Sandy Spring Superhero 5k

May 17th- VMC Bridge to Opportunity 5k

June 7th- See Chicks Run 10k

2014 Race Season:

April 19th- Rabbit Run 5K (30:28)

June 1st- See Chicks Run 10K (1:00:26)

June 29th- Freedom 5K (28:04)

September 21st- Philadelphia Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon (2:36:25)

September 28th- Rescue Run 5k (27:55)

2013 Race Season:

Rescue Run 5k (29:55)

2012 Race Season:

Philadelphia Rock N Roll Half Marathon (2:33:38)


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