A Double Spandex Day + My Secret to Awesome Run Mixes

Is it cold where you are right now? Because it is downright FRIGID in Philly today. I forgot to take a picture for you all of the weather on my phone this morning (boohoo, I know) but when I checked weather.com it said it was 20 degrees but it felt like 7.


Now, need I remind you that I live in the good ol’ US of A and we folks go by Fahrenheit here. You know, the system where 32 degrees means freezing. Because that makes sense!

Now, I don’t know if many of you continue to run in the cold, or at what temp you decide it’s just not worth it, but I decided to bundle up and face the cold this morning.


Disclaimer: I think my Garmin lied to me a little bit this morning. It said I was running 9:30-9:40 pace all run, but then it decided to put me at 9:23 pace overall. Thanks Garmin, but I don’t need your pity splits!

Does anyone else feel like they run better in the cold? I was just reading a Runner’s World article about how once the temperature dips below 20 degrees, you can expect to see a dip in your performance. Well, I have felt pretty great on my cold weather runs lately. It’s heat/humidity that really kills me.

Anyway, I decided to double up on the Spandex this morning because it was frickin’ cold if you didn’t get that memo and double spandex days take me back to my college crew days.


I swear by Under Armour’s Cold Gear tights and then I layered a regular pair of Betsey Johnson workout tights on top of them. Stylish and warm.


Also, I have a secret that I have been meaning to tell you. It is my secret for always having awesome running music, and it is this: Download Kap Slap‘s Spring Break 2014 and Back to School Mix 2014. They are each over an hour long of straight up heart-pumping, pop hit remixes, and you can download them for free if you follow him on Twitter/Instagram. His albums are all super awesome too, but downloading one of his mega mixes helps you update your music library with pretty much zero effort.

Question recap: How cold is too cold for a run? Do you feel like you run better or worse in the cold? Do you have any running music secrets?


4 thoughts on “A Double Spandex Day + My Secret to Awesome Run Mixes

  1. I try to stop running outside when it’s in the 20’s. I can’t friggin believe you went out for a run today! Kudos!!!! I always feel like I run better in the cold too tho 🙂


  2. My minimum is around 40 but I’m a big bay in the cold. But I have run 2 races in the last week and a half and both were in mid to high 60’s and I was really wishing it was around 50! A good site for free mixes is Rock my Run. They only let you download one free one per month but it’s still pretty cool.


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