What Makes a Great Run

BAM! Happy Friday! I think I am still surfing the sweet endorphin wave of a good, hard run this morning!

I haven’t run in about a week and a half mostly because I chopped off the tip of my finger and I was scared that the increased blood flow to my hands would hurt the wound somehow. So scientific, so cautious.

I chopped my off the tip of my finger using a mandolin. PSA: Mandolins are SUPER dangerous and it is SUPER easy to cut yourself. Pretty much every woman I talked to has cut her finger like that.


Anyway, back to my glorious run this morning. I did 4 miles at 9:31/mile pace, which is pretty damn good for me! I also saw a bunch of pretty good-looking guys who were also running, and there were a bunch of tugboats out on the water doin’ their thang. Cute boys and tugboats: the way to my heart, I guess.


I really need to start bringing my phone and taking pictures while I run. Until I do that, you get the views of my Garmin!

After my run I didn’t really drink or refuel because I was in such a rush to get to work. I stopped at Whole Foods on my way to work to pick up breakfast and lunch for myself. Can you guess what my body was craving?




LIQUIDS. I was so thirsty! Not pictured: a green juice.

In case you were wondering, the Sambazon Protein shake is definitely not my favorite. In fact, it is the worst vegan protein shake I’ve had. It tastes weird and has that almost grainy texture. My favorite vegan protein shake is Orgain’s French Vanilla Protein Shake. Highly recommend!

Wholes Foods saw me coming from a mile away when they made this spa water


FACT: 98% of girls are attracted to fruit & leaves in their water. Especially when you call it “Spa Water.” It was $1.49 and pretty tasty. I’ll probably ending up buying it again (they have tons of flavor choices) but yes, it is whollly unnecessary.

And finally the Califa Farms Cocoa Noir Iced Coffee with Almond Milk is KING. Go pick some up for yourself! It’s got a nice thick texture and it tastes amazing! Anything by Califa Farms is a safe bet that it will be amazing.

Finally, I wanted to leave you with one workout video that you should totally do this weekend for cross-training! I discovered this Kelsey Lee video on the XHIT Youtube Channel this week and instantly fell in love!

Kelsey is super funny and legit. While this exercise says it burns 200 calories in 20 Minutes, I burned 160 in 20 minutes, but everybody is different! Plus 160 calories in 20 minutes is nothing to complain about! My heartrate was in the 130’s-150’s throughout this workout which is usually where I am when I am doing a steady state run. I think this video is my new go-to when I can’t run for some reason! Try it and tell me what you think!

What weird combination makes for a great run for you? What are some of your favorite Whole Foods liquids?


8-Week 5 Miler Training Plan

Okay, it’s that season already- racing season! So far I have signed up for a few 5 Mile and 10ks and I don’t plan on doing any distances longer than a 10k this year. After my not-so-amazing half marathon season, I’ve decided to scale back and listen to my heart, body, and mind (you know, pretty much every bone in my body) and NOT do any half marathons in 2015.

Hold me to this! This is the anti-resolution! No long races in 2015! My favorite races in 2014 were 5ks and 10ks and I want to focus on doing these races. Races that are easier for me to train for, and distances that love my body much much more than the 1/2 marathon does.

My first 5 Miler ever is on March 14th and I need to get my butt in gear! I threw together this 8-week training program with pretty much no input or consultation of other plans. You know, pretty much a recipe for success!

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 6.29.21 PM

I’m on week 2 right now, but the snow cold has turned most of my run days into HIIT days.

Exciting news though, I have worked out EVERY DAY this month so far. Don’t worry, I’m not being crazy about it and going hard every day, I’ve just made sure to do something everyday, like yoga or Ballet Beautiful on “off” days. I’m also keeping a log/journal for the first time ever! I’m logging all of my workouts and then writing about the day at night. I feel a little silly doing this, but I’ve really enjoyed doing it so far! If only I could include gifs in my journal.

Did it throw you off that this wasn’t a gif?

I’ve also been a wizard in the kitchen (accio cooking skillzzzz), so I will definitely be sharing some new recipes. You know the drill, they will be easy, they will be fast, and they will be yummy.

And finally, I have been saying “yes to life” more. So far, aside from Karaok-ageddon, I have said YES to the November Project and YES to a Tone It Up Yoga & Brunch meetup on the Moshulu.




Pro Tip: To stand out in pictures, wear the brightest shirt/jacket/top you can find and outshine everyone!

Anyone ever run a 5 Miler before? Tips? Well wishes?

Saying Yes to Life: My Karaoke Story

Circle up children. It’s story time. This story is filled with intrigue, magic, twists and turns, and alcohol! Should I Quentin Tarantino this? Yes. Let’s cut to the end:

Scene IV

(Me, kinda drunk, crying in my apartment)

Every time I try to step out of my comfort zone. Some weird cosmic, karmic thing always knocks me down! This is why I don’t say yes to life! This is why!

End Scene

Okay, did I get your attention? Great. Now let’s start at the beginning.

It was 7:30PM on a Friday, and my boyfriend and I were cuddled on the couch. It was the day after New Year’s and I had gotten out of work at 2PM. My boyfriend had mentioned that a few people from his work were going out and that I should come. I was super comfy on the couch and about 87% of me really wanted to just stay on the couch for the rest of the night. It was cold outside and really half the time we hang out with his work friends I’m like:

AND they weren’t gonna get together until 9PM and I was already in my pajamas. Are you getting this? The likelihood of me going out was very slim. But then I remembered my New Year’s Resolution: Say Yes to Life!

So I put on my big girl pants and we went to the karaoke bar to meet up with two of my boyfriends work friends*.

*Now, I think that it is important to note that I was the only karaoke VIRGIN in the group. Even my boyfriend had sung karaoke (and killed it). So basically, I was in a group of seasoned professionals.

Then came the time to pick our songs. I was on the fence about whether or not to get up and sing at all, but once again I said YES TO LIFE and jotted down:

Sarah- Roses by Outkast

I then proceeded to look-up the lyrics to Outkast’s Roses. Not familiar with them? Here’s a memory jog:

Yep, there’s a rap part in there. But let me just tell you, if you don’t already know this about me, I am pretty cool.


And when you’re pretty cool  you can generally do other cool stuff, like rap.

So, I had the lyrics downs, I had some liquid courage, and I watched my other fellow karaoke singers rock it. So when the DJ called my name, I was ready to go.

I started, and immediately hated how I sounded, but the crowd seemed into it! YES TO LIFE! I got through the first verse…

And then the music cut out.

And the teleprompter froze.

And the bar was silent.


Then the DJ was like “Ohhhh it’s frozen. This has never happened to me before…. uh hang on let me restart my computer.”

He started playing music.

5 minutes went by.

10 minutes went by.

Finally, I handed him back the mic. He offered me a free drink. I passed. The next person went up, and sang their whole song.

And I never got to sing the rap part.

All the other people in the group went up to sing their second song. They encouraged me to pick another song. But the magic was gone for me. It had taken all my nervous energy to get up there the first time and do it. I didn’t want to do it again.

And thus, cut to the end of the night.

Because really, at 1 AM, when you just tried to say yes to life and life is SILENT in response, you can feel like life told you to GO EFFFFF YOURSELF.

But. I am still here! Stronger than the storm karaoke. After I threw the most epic pity party for myself ever (behind closed doors of course, not in front of the work friends), I woke up feeling embarassed refreshed.

So what if karaoke didn’t go as planned. I said YES TO LIFE and I have a pretty damn entertaining story to tell from it.

Or at least I think so…

What have you said YES to lately?