Back from the Bender

Oh hi, it’s me. Just checking in from my Black Friday/Cyber Monday online shopping bender.

Frantic Typing Gif

Dramatic Reenactment of me over the past 6 days

Buy buy buy! Get all the deals! ALL THE DEALSzzzzzzz!

Raise your hand if you bought something for yourself this past weekend….

I can’t help it guys, seriously it’s a problem. BUT I did also do a lot of shopping for others. I can’t say what I bought (on the off chance that my family/friends are reading this. Spoiler Alert: they’re not) but I can say I bought something that was $256 for $30! Wowowowowo deal of the week, amiright?

Okay, but enough about deals. Let’s talk about the other thing we talk about…SPORTS.

Well, not really sports. We don’t really talk about sports, but we do talk about working out! I am happy to say that not only have I been working out regularly, but I have also been eating well too! Last night I made stuffed acorn squash for the first time! I adapted this recipe (aka I left out some ingredients because I didn’t have them all).

This simple savory stuffed acorn squash is easy to make and filled with the wonderful flavors of Fall.

Obviously not my photo

Farro and I are having a serious moment right now. I LOOOOVE it. It’s like brown rice but heartier and chewier. I ate so much farro last night that I legit got a stomach ache… Do yourselves a favor and try some farro if you haven’t tried it before (or maybe you all have and I’m just late to the game…).

I’ve been following the Tone It Up weekly schedule and this morning I did this HIIT routine. I kid you not, if you are at home and have 15 minutes, do this workout. You will sweat! And you don’t even need weights! I did it twice to get 20 minutes of cardio in and then did 30 minutes of arms and abs.

I am also trying to run an unofficial 5k each week. I’m not actively training (or even regularly running) for anything right now, but I figure doing a 5k once a week is a fun way to gauge my fitness! Does anyone else do something like that?

5k Times thus far…

11/28- 29:44

12/2- 28:39

This holiday season I am trying REALLY HARD to not go crazy with food or lazy with workouts (<—–did you see what I did there????). So I’m trying to stay super committed to completing my workouts, eating well (though obviously I still need to learn portion control), and finding small ways to get some extra activity in, all without being too hard on myself. Wish me luckkkkkk.

What is the best black friday deal/ cyber monday deal you scored??? Anyone else doing weekly 5Ks in December? Tell me it’s okay I bought 3 pairs of boots for myself… 🙂