Half Marathon Training: Day 1- The Plan

I’m a somewhat superstitious person. I’m not superstitious in normal ways, in fact, I walked under 2 ladders in a row the other day, but I am superstitious in other small ways. Like New Year’s Eve. I think the way you ring in the new year (like your emotional state at the time) has an affect on the whole year. So on New Year’s Eve I want to feel good about where my life is going. I want to have exciting things I’m already looking forward to, and I want to be on good terms with all the people in my life.

Well, I just found out I’m superstitious about something else. Half Marathon Training.

Today, my legs feel great. I feel great. I just PR’d in a race yesterday (by 2 minutes!!), and today marks my first official day of my 12 week half marathon training plan, and I’m realizing that I have a very good feeling about this year’s half marathon training, because I feel so good about it right now.

I guess it’s not really about being superstitious as it is about being adequately prepared to start a training cycle, but either way I feel CONFIDENT.

Here is the plan I am going to follow:



And here are the paces I’m hoping to hit:

half pace

I based my times, as well as the plan, off of this Runner’s World article: First Half Marathon Training Plan.

This isn’t my first half marathon, and honestly, I don’t think I’d tell a beginner/first time half marathoner to follow this plan. This plan is almost ALL speedwork which can increase your chances for injury (God I hope that sentence doesn’t bite me in the butt 😉 ).

I think this plan fits much better for someone like me. Someone who is running their second or third half marathon and looking to run a faster time than their first (who isn’t?). Also, I think this plan calls for a lot of dedication. Because it only schedules 3 runs a week, it means you really have to make those runs count.

Non-running days (save for Wednesdays, my rest day) will be a lot of cardio/strength/cross-training all together. Luckily, the classes that I take at Lithe Method fit that bill perfectly.

I’m a little nervous about some of the higher mileage tempo runs, but I’m hoping to ride my high of “I can do it!” from my 5k. I’m also a little nervous about going too hard too fast, but that is something I will have to continually evaluate as I continue the plan.

Anyway, here is what I did this past week. As I had said before, I took it easy this past week because my legs were definitely feeling it. I think this week is a reminder that taking the rest your body needs pays off.

week 4

I love doing these weekly check-ins with you all. It keeps me motivated and accountable: two things that lead to success!

Do you have any running related superstitions? What are you currently training for?


Freedom 5K Race Recap

First things first: I PR’ed! I have an official time of 28:04! I beat my old PR by almost 2 minutes! Let’s just celebrate for a moment, shall we?


A fitting gif

This race was a great race! The Freedom 5k took runners through the streets of historical Philadelphia and along the Delaware River. Since it was historically themed, you could either run as a Loyalist or a Patriot. I chose Patriot!


The race started at 6th and Market which is where the Liberty Bell is, along with the National Constitution Center and Independence Hall. It was within walking distance from my house (17 minute walk away) so I just walked there and counted that as my warm-up! Here’s the race start. Can you spot Independence Hall in the distance?


Ben Franklin even showed up to support the Patriots!


The 7:30 start time was nice because it was already getting pretty hot! There was even a water station on the course, but I just dumped the water over my head to cool off.

The first mile felt amazing! I ran it in 9:06 and couldn’t believe that it had already been a mile when we passed the first marker and my Garmin buzzed.

The second mile felt twice as long as the first. I remember looking down at my watch and seeing 1.36 miles and thought “oookay better slow it down some.”

Did I mention there were some stairs on this course?! There was a whole flight of stairs we had to run up at one point. I bounded up all of them, but at the top, my legs definitely felt a little more tired/burn-y. I’ll have to make sure I do some stair running every once in a while to keep my legs sharp!

The last mile I just kept thinking about PRing by as much as possible. I knew by the end of mile 2 that I was looking at a decent PR but I wanted to make it a good one!

The course was really great, and it was along a bunch of major streets in Philadelphia that usually only get shut down for half marathons and marathons, so that was fun!

There were also a TON of amazing volunteers. Some of them were even dressed in colonial garb which kept things fun! There were also some soldiers, in uniform, running the course. I ran with them for a few seconds, but I figured they’d kinda be weirded out if I ran the whole race with them (even though I wanted to because I think soldiers are SO COOL).

I passed everyone in the chute to the finish. Is that rude? I don’t care! I wanted my PR!

After I finished I treated myself to some water and applesauce. Has anyone tried this? I didn’t think I could get on the pouch bandwagon but I loved squeezing my applesauce directly into my mouth. It’s like go-gurt but not as gross!


My boyfriend was working today so I did this race by myself. Sorry, I don’t have any action running shots of me this time. I know, I’m sad about that too. Here’s 2 awkward selfies instead:




But it was kinda nice to just show up, run the race, and then walk home. After I got home I went to the Italian Market and bought lots of fruits and veggies. This is what $20 will buy you at the Italian Market.


I’m thinking of making mushroom and asparagus pasta tonight in a white wine sauce! Everyone knows you need to carbo load after a race!

I will definitely be signing up for this race again next year! It makes me want to run another 5k soon!


Did you run any races this weekend?

5 Updates: What I’m Doing

What I’m Listening To: Lana Del Rey: Ultraviolence

I’m a BIG Lana fan. I totally understand that she is not for everyone, but I absolutely love her lyrics, melodies, and sultry/girlish voice. Think what you want; I think she is one of the BEST artists out there!

What I’m Trying: Happify App


Not sure how I feel about this app yet, but I’ve only been using it for 2 days. It’s like Lumosity (the app that claims to train your brain) but this app claims to train your emotional brain to make you happier. It’s a lot of affirming, meditating, and reflecting on small moments of happiness throughout your day. I’m giving it the ol’ college try in hopes that I can clear some of the clutter from my mind and be happier 🙂

What I’m Obsessing Over: These Lilly Pulitzer Wedges



What I’m Indulging In: Cake Pops


I had a cake pop for the first time yesterday. I know, the first time. Was it everything I ever dreamed? Eh. It was good, I’d buy it again, but nothing will beat a plain ol’ piece of funfetti birthday cake!

What I’m Looking Forward To: Philly Freedom 5K this Sunday!


I hope I PR!


Give me some life updates! What are you watching, reading, eating, looking forward to?