What I’ve Been Up to

Man, this week has been crazy! And I’ve been super bummed that I couldn’t update the blog! Today’s update will also be short, but I have my 10k this weekend! and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

In the meantime I just wanted to say hello 🙂 and let you in on some of the things happening in my life.


I’ve been so busy with work this week, which is both good and bad. It’s nice finishing the day feeling like I’ve accomplished a lot, but my brain hurts from working so hard!


*Note: this is not what I do at work

New outfits and buying things

because I’m like a shark with swimming and if I’m not buying things then I’ll die. Ya get me?


Blue leopard print blazer. YES PLEASE


Where is my fabulous life for my fabulous clothes????


My raspberry plant (on my roof out my window) is yielding some crops!



Strawberries from my farmshare

Yummy food


Pita crackers + edamame hummus = delicious love


AMAZING Puerto Rican food from Freddy and Tony’s. Almost as good as my grandma’s!

New Podcast Obsession

So you know back in the day before they had TV and they listened to radio? It’s totally like that, but amazing! We’re Alive is a totally cool zombie podcast that updates with 15-20 minute audio podcasts every week. They have voice actors, sound effects, everything! It’s totally fun listening to this while walking to and from work! I might even try listening to it on a long run! Walking Dead fans, this is your summer bridge.



What’s been going with you????


Simple Green Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

Okay, by now you should all know that I have a Sip N Glo Juicery addiction. I can’t walk by that place without buying one of their $8 juices (sorry student loans, I can’t pay you this month, I juiced too hard<— jk I’ll pay you, don’t ruin my credit).

Anyway, I need to start being a big girl and make my own juices. So this is a twist to one of my favorite juices at Sip N Glo.


“Oh Sarah, you’re so good at taking photos”- you

Greenie Breakfast Smoothie

1 cup spinach

4 oz almond milk

1 banana (frozen if you have it)

1 Tbs peanut butter (I use PB2 powdered peanut butter)

1 tsp raw honey

When making a green smoothie in a blender you didn’t pay $600 for (damn you Vitamix!) be sure to blend the liquid with the greens first. This will make sure that your smoothie is…well smooth and not filled with chunks of leaf (which is as gross as it sounds). Once you’ve sufficiently blended the greens and liquid together, add the other ingredients.


Did you know that crystallization of honey is caused by moisture? Now you do.

Other ingredients I would add to this smoothie (if I had them) are:

Plain greek yogurt

Vanilla protein powder

Chia seeds


This smoothie is an awesome way to start your day and the perfect recovery drink for after a workout!


Professional food photographer right here.


Sarah Approved

Do you have a go-to smoothie recipe? I want to hear it!

10K Training Recap Week 7: 6 Days Away!

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 10.56.57 AM

Greetings from my post-long run routine!


This is it; I am 6 days away from my 10K. This past week of training had more taper than a marathon training plan, but that’s okay because I ran today and had no pain anywhere (the ice on my leg is just a precaution)!

A studio class I took on Tuesday night, partnered with a 3 mile Wednesday morning run left my shins sooooo tight for the next 3 days I could only hobble around.


Dramatic Reenactment

My training schedule has been all wonky this past week and the holiday weekend did not help. My long run got pushed back to today (Monday) and I was NOT PREPARED for how hot it was. (It was like 76 degrees with 46% humidity) which is enough to KILL me in my opinion. There was no escaping the sun either, so I decided I would walk/run my 5 miles today and just get it done.


For my 10K I’d like to finish under 60 minutes (9:39/mile) but I think that’s probably a little too ambitious for me, so I think a realistic goal is for me to finish around 64 minutes (10:20/mile) but we’ll see. I also don’t know how hilly/flat the course is going to be, but since it is in Wissahickon Park, I think it might be hilly.

Do you have any advice for my first 10K?