Birthday Rest Day

Na na na na you say it’s your birthday

If you haven’t guessed yet, it’s my birthday today!


And it’s my rest day


Sooo what are my birthday plans you ask? Oh, the usual…




Ahh that’s more like it.

I have decided all I want to do for my birthday is stay in for the night with my boyfriend (it’s super rainy here anyway) and order Chinese food, split a bottle of wine, and watch American Hustle. This coming weekend I may try to go out with some friends and hit up some of the outdoor festivals going on, but this week I have about zero motivation to do anything plus I LOVE CHINESE FOOD.


I just added this gif because it makes me laugh every time

MOVING ON, this week’s song isn’t exactly a song. It’s a motivational speech/mash-up that I have on my music player when I run. I don’t tend to think of myself as the motivational-speech-loving type of person but no joke, this gets me pumped every time. Especially when I’m gassing out on a run!

I hope everyone has a great day and in honor of my birthday I want all of you to go out and do one thing to pamper yourself today.



Morning vs. Afternoon Workouts

This morning I woke up and banged out 3 miles. It didn’t feel amazing, but at least it didn’t feel like I was dying.


I usually have a better workout when I do it first thing in the morning. It helps me set a pattern of healthy choices for the day. I’ve always been a big fan of the morning workout (running in particular). When I was in college, my Crew team’s practices started at 5:00AM every day (I feel tired again just thinking about it).

When I was leaving my dorm to go to practice, sometimes I would run into people still drunk and awake from last night.


But I do still enjoy morning workouts over afternoon workouts. Here’s why:

Pros of Morning Workouts

  • Cooler temperatures in the hotter months
  • Workout is DONE for the day
  • Don’t have to worry about pre-workout nutrition (I’ll usually run on an empty stomach or grab a chia seed bar, anything else makes me cramp up)
  • Fewer drivers/runners/people on the road
  • Have the afternoon to do what I want

Cons of Morning Workout

  • No extra sleep time
  • Rushed mornings
  • Can’t eat/drink enough before a long run (stomach will cramp)
  • Still dark out sometimes

Are you an AM or PM worker outer? What are the pros and cons?


10K Training Recap Week 3


First things first. I GOT MY GARMIN.


A thing of beauty


Sunday’s run!

2 days running with my Garmin and I already am a COMPLETE CONVERT. I want this shirt next.


So if any of you are scrambling to buy me a last minute birthday present…

The sad thing is though, that shirt could be more than just a joke for me. My Sunday 4 miler felt AWFUL. It’s not normal to feel like you’re having an asthma/ heart attack for 3 miles, right? I’m chocking it up to a bad night’s sleep, not enough water, and hotter weather than I was expecting, but blerg, that run was awful.


Post Sunday run: my shins were hurting some so I iced just to be safe while enjoying some peanut butter puff cereal and watching Grav3yard Girl videos on YouTube.

My dad, as always, was there to give me some inspiration after my run.


The book he’s referring to is Ryan Hall’s book, Running with Joywhich is Ryan Hall’s daily training journal from the 2010 Boston Marathon. It’s an interesting look at the inner thoughts of an elite runner; it’s also very religious.

On another note: I’m not sure what to do about my shoe situation. I originally bought the Brooks Ravenna with orthodics as my primary running shoe because I tend to have knee pain when I run. But I WON a pair of Nike Flyknit 3’s and have mainly been running in them.

I LOVE the feel of the Flyknits and they’ve been working really well for me, but I’m worried that my shins and knees will need more support as I up my mileage. I ran my four miles in my Brooks Ravenna and well see picture above…



Overall, I was really happy with my training this week and I’m looking forward to getting another solid week of training under my belt this next week! Warmer(ish) weather is really helping me stay positive and happy!


The mural I helped paint this weekend for Comcast Cares Day as well as some of the beautiful weather Philly has been having!

Any advice about my shoe situation? How was your weekend?