Getting into the Holiday Season (Pictures)

I feel like every year the holidays come faster and faster and before I’ve had time to get into the season it’s over and I’m just left with 4 months of cold weather. This year I’m trying to really enjoy the holidays. I’m home in Dallas now (I flew in today) and I want to enjoy this time with my parents before I fly back to Philadelphia (and work) in a week. So far, here are a few of the little moments I’ve been relishing.

My discovery of Whole Foods delicious oatmeal bar!

My favorite soup from Trader Joe’s! Have you tried it?

A Pinterest worthy veggie turkey one of my coworkers made for our Thanksgiving lunch at work! 

The delicious food from my work Thanksgiving lunch!

Scoping out mini trees at Whole Foods for our apartment!

The beautiful fall foliage everywhere!


Gifts Under $50: The Sporty One

I absolutely LOVE buying presents for people. It’s so satisfying to find something that you know is just perfect for someone in your life. I like to think I’m a pretty great gift-giver. This holiday season I’ll be making a few lists of gift ideas for the people in our lives. Oh and if you don’t have money (like me) everything will be under $50.
Gifts Under $50: The Sporty One

Lands’ End ThermaCheck®-100 Fleece Ear Wrap
$24.00 (on sale now for $9.99)

Dring Kiwi Bell

iPod Shuffle

The GRID Mini

Runner Box
$20.00 gift subscription

Five Favorites: My Current Obsessions

Here’s a list of things that I’m excited about this week!

I downloaded this app the other day and I think it’s really pretty/cool. It builds these little hexagons as you go about your day. It estimates calories you’ve burned using your basal metabolic rate and steps you’ve taken. You take pictures of your food and add your water, tea, beer, wine, and all physical activities. It’s also a step counter (not super accurate) if you leave the app on in the background!

This podcast is just awesome. It covers really interesting people or events in history that you probably don’t know too much about. This past week they covered “Babushka Lady” a mysterious women seen calmly filming the JFK assassination whose footage was never found!

Maybe you’ve already heard about this. It’s a month-to-month subscription service for high end athletic gear headed up by Kate Hudson. I ordered my first outfit (right now you get 50% off your first order + free shipping) for $30.00.
 My outfit!

Another health app I’m testing out, this app lets you set goals and then track those goals throughout the day. You keep track of your fitness, fluids, and fuel by tapping the appropriate circles. Temple will remind you when you haven’t drank enough fluids, eaten, or exercised in a certain amount of time.

I love this girl’s blog! She has a killer sense of humor, not to mention she goes on 8-10 miles runs every day like it’s no big deal. Do yourself a favor and check her out. She meets my “I wish we were friends” status!