Post Run Yoga Routine

I spent years of my life running and not stretching afterwards. I was always too tired, too crunched for time, or too lazy. I knew it was bad for me, but I never really cared much until I injured my back. If I had paid more attention to my body I might not have ended up seriously hurting myself. Now, I make sure to stretch after every run. I even put together my own 15 minute yoga sequence for post-run stretching. Here are some of the yoga poses that help me the most after a run.

This always feels aMAZing on my tight hamstrings

This continues to stretch the hamstrings while opening the low back

This move is really difficult for me and I have to use a block but it feels great on my quads, hips, and inner thighs

I WILL get my heels to touch the floor one day…

A nice deep hip stretch

KILLER on my tight hamstrings: a necessary evil

Nice little quad stretch with a back bend

Ahhh rolling small circles into my low back, that’s the stuff

Nice stretch for the hips and the glutes

I usually extend the bottom leg down and my back loves me for it.

All of these pictures were used from the app Yoga Studio. Do you have a yoga routine for after you run? What are some of your favorite poses?


Five Favorites

I’m always excited about a new discovery or something I have coming up. This Friday, here are the five things that I am loving/looking forward to!

The view of the Delaware River we had during our work retreat this Thursday.
I’ll be running the Rescue Run 5k with a friend on Sunday to benefit the Monster Milers, a program we volunteer for which takes shelter dogs on runs. (I got to take that beautiful girl out a couple weeks ago).
This amazing warm lobster roll I got from the Surf and Turf food truck today. Mango butter, kale, cabbage, and jalapeno (with lots of juicy lobster meat???) yes, please!
(Text conversation between my sister and me)
The job I have now is only a 1-year contracted position that is over at the end of November, but I found out that my organization will be keeping me on as a manager! (pay raise!) I’m so happy to be able to continue working with all of the amazing people in my office! 
(My Sweat on the Mat class I created in the Yoga Studio app)
While this week was an amazing one for me, I’ve felt run down and off-track. I’m looking forward to going home, doing some intense yoga, and maybe watching a chick flick or reading.